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BGE--Sale of Customer Lists 

At BGE's request, the Maryland PSC has approved BGE's sale of customer lists to gas and electric suppliers.  If you are a BGE residential customer, you will be on the list unless you contact BGE and tell them to take you off the list.  You will receive notice of this action in your August 2010 BGE bill and annually thereafter.  BGE will sell the list at cost to the suppliers who request them.

The customer list will contain the following information from your account:

  • Account name
  • Account address
  • Billing address
  • Energy type (gas/electric/both)

The list will NOT contain your telephone number or energy usage information.

In an April 2000 order, the Maryland PSC ruled that electric companies can release customer names, addresses, and phone numbers to energy suppliers, as long as the customer could "opt out".  At the time, OPC had objected to the information release without express consent.  However, electric and gas companies and suppliers cannot release customer billing, payment and credit information without customer consent, unless it is used for bill collection or credit reporting purposes.

Customer Action

If you do nothing, your customer information will be included on the lists sold to suppliers.  Suppliers can use the information to market their products and services to you.  They may do this through direct mail, door to door sales or other means.  For more information on contracting with Suppliers see OPC Contracting with Suppliers Guide.

If you do not want your consumer information provided to suppliers, you must take action.  You can fill out an OPT-OUT Form on the BGE website or call BGE at 410-685-0123.

BGE will give you notice in your August 2010 billing, and annually after that, and on the BGE website.  You may opt out at any time.  BGE will notify suppliers monthly of customers who opt out.  It may take a month for your name to be removed.

Complaints:  If you have told BGE to take your name off the lists, and have reason to believe that your name continues to remain on the list, you should contact BGE again.  You may also want to inform the PSC (410-767-8000).  Keep in mind that suppliers may contact you by direct mail or other means by using information databases that are widely available.