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Associations and Boards


OPC is a member of the National Association of Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA). NASUCA is an association of government and non-profit agencies that represent the interests of consumers of energy and telecommunications services in over 40 states. NASUCA has an Executive Director who handles daily operations and is responsible to the Officers and Executive Committee of NASUCA. NASUCA establishes positions on a variety of issues through approval of Resolutions. These Resolutions provide the policy support for testimony and comments filed by NASUCA in federal regulatory and legislative proceedings. As a member of NASUCA, OPC is able to enhance its presence and influence on behalf of Maryland residential consumers.

The People’s Counsel is the Vice-President and a member of the Executive Committee of NASUCA. OPC has representatives on the Electric, Gas, Telecommunications and Consumer Protection Committees of NASUCA, and is active in the development of policy positions and actions taken by NASUCA on behalf of its members.

Boards and Committees

The People’s Counsel (or her designated representative) is a member of several boards and committees that address issues that impact residential utility consumers: