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XOOM Energy refund.  On December 5, 2017 the PSC ordered XOOM to contact customers with accounts anytime between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014 to calculate possible refunds (PSC Case# 9346.  See OPC Fact Sheet for eligibility and procedures to follow  XOOM Refunds

 The PSC granted OPC’s Petitions for Investigation of Defective Service Termination Notices sent by Pepco and Washington Gas in PSC Cases 9444 and 9445.  The Notices lacked important consumer protection information required by PSC regulations.  On February 15, 2018 The Office of People's Counsel entered into settlements with PEPCO, Delmarva Power, and Washington Gas, concerning residential customer notices. 

The FY 2018 OPC Resource Guides are now available. We have updated the Guides for Baltimore City and each county.  The Resource Guides offer information on utilities, energy assistance programs (government and private), energy efficiency programs, tax credit programs, telephone assistance programs, housing and mortgage assistance programs and more.: [See Publications Page

OPC has submitted extensive comments October 10, 2017 on the Investor owned Electric Utilities EmPOWER MD (Energy Efficiency) plans for 2018-2020, See PSC Case #9154

Every household should have access to telephone and broadband (Internet) services. Lifeline Assistance provides discount assistance to households with limited incomes.  To See Full Consumer Guide go to our Publications Page or go directly to our new Lifeline Guide.

Also see our new Baltimore City water assistance programs guide.  [See Publications Page]


OPC has submitted expert testimony challenging the merger request of AltaGas Energy, a Canadian gas company, and Washington Gas Holdings Company, the parent of Washington Gas, in PSC Case 9449.  Hearings are set for October 3-17.

OPC opposes Pepco request for rate increase in PSC Case 9443. OPC experts determine that Pepco should receive less than 20% of its $68.6 million request.  Hearings conclude by September 8.

On August 21 Delmarva Power filed for a $27 million rate increase for its 204,000 customers on the Eastern Shore in PSC Case 9455. OPC will file expert testimony on November 16. Evidentiary hearings are set for December 11-20.

OPC submitted extensive comments on BGE’s proposal for a prepaid bill program in PSC Case 9453.  OPC and its consultant, John Howat, presented these concerns at an August 9 hearing.  No decision has been made.

Check out OPC written testimony on 2017 General Assembly bills"  [See Publications Page]


The PSC agreed with OPC and denied Washington Gas’ request to expand its natural gas distribution facilities while putting its customers at risk for the expansion costs.  See August 1 order in PSC Case 9433.


OPC has filed an appeal of the decision in PSC Case 9221.  OPC believes that the decision allows BGE to recover an excessive amount of profit, in the millions, for administering the Standard Offer Service (SOS) for its customers.


OPC’s Petition to Investigate Verizon’s Service Quality, and its maintenance of its copper network in particular, is pending before the Commission.  Comments from other parties were due by July 18.  Contact OPC for more information.


The 3-year Community Solar Pilot Program is up and running. A significant portion of the projects has been set aside for low and moderate income customers.  For information check out  and COMAR 20.62.


OPC is an active participant in several work groups in PC 44, a PSC proceeding to transform the electric distribution systems.  These work groups address rate design, electric vehicles, supplier participation and energy storage.