Public Hearings

Below we have provided you information about Public Service Commission Hearings. We have developed a document of guidelines for participating in PSC hearings for public comment:  Participation in PSC Public Hearings

Evidentiary Hearings and Public Conferences

In many cases the Public Service Commission (PSC) will schedule hearings to consider expert testimony from parties and allow cross-examination of witnesses. Sometimes the PSC will set a hearing date for presentations by utility representatives and government agencies. Members of the public typically do not make comments at those times, unless the PSC expressly invites public comment

Hearings for Public Comment

The PSC may schedule hearings to receive public comment in utility cases.  Public hearings must be scheduled in all cases involving utility rates and the construction of generating plant and transmission lines.  The Commission may arrange public hearings in other types of cases.

Upcoming Hearings include:

June 3, 2020


Case #9635--New Market Solar, LLC--CPCN 50 MW solar photovoltaic generating facility in Dorchester County.

Evening Public Informational Hearing to be held virtually if necessary.

June 4 & 5, 2020


Frank O. Heintz

Hearing Room

Case #9629--Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC's-- Qualified Offshore Wind Project's Compliance with Conditions Approved in 2017

Evidentiary Hearing 

6 St. Paul Street. Baltimore, MD. 21202

June 5, 2020


Case #9644--Columbia Gas Rate Case

Virtual Pre-Hearing Conference.  Viewing only, the pre-hearing will be live streamed: 

June 9, 2020


Case #9643--Point Reyes Energy Partners, LLC. (CPCN-19.84 MW solar photovoltaic generating facility in Allegany County).

Virtual Pre-Hearing Conference-  Live Streamed: 

June 11, 2020


Case #9064--residential Type I SOS Bids 

June 12, 2020


Case #9645-- Baltimore Gas & Electric Rate Case--Pre-Hearing Conference 

June 18, 2020


Case #9353--2020 Annual Reliability Hearing--Annual Performance Reports on Electric Service Reliability Filed

Pursuant to COMAR 

July 14, 2020


Case # 9507(n)--Town of Williamsport (electric fuel rate and PPCA charge)--Vitural Evidentiary Hearing--Live streamed with a

recording to be uploaded to the PULJ YouTube Channel 

July 28, 2020


Case #PC52--2019 Annual Reports--Maryland Supplier Diversity Programs

Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)--2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD. 21215


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