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Maryland General Assembly


2022 General Assembly Session

The 2022 General Assembly session began January 12, 2022.  OPC will review all energy, telecommunication, and environmental bills to determine if they had any major affect--positive or negative--on residential utility customers.  

During the 90-day session (ending April 11, 2022), we will testify on bills related to rates and prices for residential consumers of energy and telephone services and environmental aspects of energy production and usage. 

Senate Bills: 2022

SB 131  Public Service Commission-Rate Suspension Proceedings

SB 256 Maryland Energy Administration-Resiliency Hub Grant Program and Fund

SB 283 Department of Human Services-Electric Universal Services Program-Eligibility

SB 334 Electricity-Standard Offer Service-Renewable Energy

SB 423 Natural Gas Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement Surcharge and Plans

SB 525 Public Utilities-Energy Distribution Planning and Required Labor Standards

SB 528 Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022

SB 719 Human Services-Office of Home Energy Program-Uniform Redetermination Process

SB 733 Community Solar Energy Generating System Pilot Program-Alterations

SB 905 Human Services-Silver Energy Savers Program and Energy Assistance Fund



House Bills: 2022

HB 31 Maryland Energy Administration Resiliency Hub Grant Program and Fund

HB 88 Public Utilities-Energy distribution Planning and Required Labor Standards

HB 138 Department of Human Services-Electric Universal Service Program-Eligibility

HB 228 Public Service Commission Rate Suspension Proceedings

HB 624 Electricity-Standard Offer Service-Renewable Energy

HB 708 Comprehensive Climate Solutions

HB 801 Natural Gas-Strategic Development and Enhancement- Surcharge and Plans (STRIDE Act of 2022)

HB 818 Electricity-Community Solar Energy Generation

HB 831 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions-Commercial and Residential Buildings

HB 998 Silver Energy Savers Program and Energy Assistance Fund

HB 1001 Office of Home Energy-Uniform Redetermination Process

HB 1399 Critical Infrastructure and Public Service Companies  W/Amendment


You can access OPC's testimony for session year 2021 on the Publications Page.  


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