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Petition on long-term gas planning and immediate priority actions

In February, the Office of People's Counsel asked the Maryland Public Service Commission to initiate a proceeding on the planning, practices, and operations of the gas companies. OPC’s request asks the Commission to initiate a two-track proceeding. One track would cover priority actions that the Commission should take in the near term to align current gas operations with the consensus understanding that gas sales will decrease due to technology and State climate policy. The second track would cover long-term system planning, including the future role of gas utilities, the mitigation of potential stranded costs, and the maintenance of reliability and safety as utility revenues decline. OPC’s requests point out that the gas utility planning has not changed even though electric technologies—like electric heat pumps—are outperforming gas technologies and the State’s climate goals require the State to move off of fossil fuels. A Commission proceeding is necessary to ensure gas utility planning and practices are consistent with the public interest, Maryland climate policy, and the statutory requirement that rates utilities charge customers are just and reasonable.

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Short webinars on solar, medical protections, and discounts

The Office of People’s Counsel offers short educational webinars on topics that impact you. Each live webinar is between 15-30 minutes long and is hosted by our director of consumer assistance and an expert on the presented topic. These short sessions give you the chance to learn new things and to ask questions that you have on your mind. Check out our fall series and keep checking back for new posted content. You can also sign up for OPC’s newsletter to be alerted on new topic areas. If you have an idea on something you think OPC should do a short webinar on, send an email to

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BGE's Proposed Multi-Year Rate Plan

Each time a regulated utility company wants to increase the price it charges for distributing electricity or natural gas, the company files an application with the Public Service Commission (PSC). In February 2023, BGE filed an application for its second multi-year rate plan. The multi-year plan requests PSC approval of a series of rate increases over three years, from 2024-2026.

Click here for more information on the significant customer impacts of Baltimore Gas & Electric’s first multi-year rate plan and to learn how its proposed second multi-year rate plan would impact your gas and electric bills. 

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