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Consumer Protection – Disputes

Consumers sometimes have problems with a business – the problem may involve marketing or solicitation practices, contract terms, service quality, or billing issues. It is not always easy to find the right place to file a complaint about practices of a business – whether it is a regulated utility, a competitive energy supplier, telephone, or other service. We provide this information in our Where do I File a Complaint pamphlet to help you locate the right agency for your particular type of complaint.

If you have a problem with a regulated utility – whether it is electric, natural gas, private water, or the local telephone company – you have a right to file a complaint with the MD Public Service Commission (PSC).  To file a MD PSC complaint, print out the PSC Complaint Form , which must be mailed to MD PSC with any support documents. To help, we have prepared a pamphlet, How to make a complaint about your utility.

The problem may be meter or meter reading, disputed bill amount, denial of service, service termination, service quality, or need for a bill payment plan. It is important to narrowly focus your complaint and provide the appropriate documents or evidence to support your complaint.