Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco)

Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) is a subsidiary of Illinois-based Exelon Corporation. Pepco provides service in most of Montgomery County and Prince George’s County as well as service in the District of Columbia. Pepco serves 582,000 Maryland customers.

Pepco filed its latest rate case in 2023 as a multi-year plan for rates extending into 2027. In a June 2024 decision, the Commission granted Pepco a single rate increase of $44.6 million, denying Pepco’s request for a multi-year rate plan and stating its intent to evaluate how customers are faring under multi-year plans in a general “lessons learned” proceeding.

Current rates 

Electric bills include two primary categories of charges: distribution charges and supply charges. These categories of charges and additional charges are explained here. The distribution rate covers most of the average customer's distribution costs. For the average Pepco customer in 2024, the volumetric rate makes up 86 percent of distribution costs.  

Volumetric distribution rate: $0.06175/kWh

Customer charge: $8.44/month

Supply cost: $0.09262/kWh (June 2024)

EmPOWER surcharge: $0.011342/kWh












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