How to Search for Maryland Public Service Commission Information

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is the “location of record” for document relating to utility companies and activities in the State of Maryland. The records pertain to investor-owned utility companies (rates, tariffs, distribution wires and pipes, and construction projects), utility suppliers, private water companies, taxi and for-hire transportation services, energy assistance and telecommunication

Start at the PSC web site Home Page. In the upper center is a blue box that provides links to recent hearings, decisions, and news items.

If your search item is not there, on the left column is a box for searches:

PSC Case/Docket apply to docketed cases (usually four numbers ex. 9615), Rulemaking (ex. RM26), Public Conferences (ex. PC25), Mail Log (these are individual submissions filed by parties in a case ex. ML 225434 is an individual filing to Case #9615).

Depending on the exact data you have enter the information and choose one of the buttons. If you do not have the exact data, you can enter text and select the “Search All” (by keyword). If you entered the word Delmarva and select “Search All” a list of various documents and reports is presented for the program. At this point you can select one of the reports, or search using the case number 9670.

Type in 9670 into the open box, select Case/Docket search button. This will return the “Case Jacket” for Case #9670 of all documents submitted. The numbers on the left represent the date order these documents were received by the PSC.

If the number is highlighted with an underline you can click on that document to read or download. If Number is not highlighted it is not available to view. “ML” stands for mail log; every document has a unique number ML. If the number is highlighted in red, the user can click on the document to read, download, or print.

Case Number: 9670 Date Filed: 09/01/2021
1 Delmarva Power & Light Company - its Application for Adjustments to its Retail Rates for the Distribution of Electric Energy (Application) and supporting testimony and schedules. Case No. 9670 (ML 236891) 09/01/2021
2 The Commission - Order No. 89929 Order No. 89929. Delegation to PULJ. Case No. 9670 (ML 236904) 09/02/2021
3 Public Utility Law Judge Division - Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference. Case No. 9670 (ML 236937) 09/07/2021
4 Public Utility Law Judge Division - Service List. Case No. 9670 (ML 236938) 09/07/2021
5 Office of People's Counsel - Entry of Appearance. Case No. 9670 (ML 236957) 09/09/2021
6 Public Utility Law Judge Division - Service List. Case No. 9670 (ML 236959) 09/09/2021
7 Office of Staff Counsel - Entry of Appearance. Case No. 9670 (ML 236960) 09/09/2021
8 Delmarva Power & Light Company - Additional Information. Case No. 9670 (ML 236981) 09/10/2021
9 Public Utility Law Judge Division - Service List Revision. Case No. 9670 (ML 237020) 09/14/2021
10 Delmarva Power & Light Company - Ltrs. to Party(ies). Case No. 9670 (ML 237092) 09/20/2021
11 Delmarva Power & Light Company - Supplemental Direct Testimony. Case No. 9670 (ML 237252) 01/10/2021

With large cases this could become a lengthy process to find documents through all these filings.

To find documents filed from one entity or company. Go to the PSC Home Page, in the left column “click” on Agendas and Calendars. Then click on Administrative Hearing Schedule & Official Filings.

When the window opens, look for box that says Company Name (author green arrow). Type in the name of the company, or other group you are looking for, exampletype Office of People’s Counsel, then click Get Filing.

This search will provide the recent filing by the entity named. Just look down the list to find the filing of interest.

While you are on the Agendas and Calendars window you can also review agendas for Administrative Hearings. PSC holds these meetings every Wednesday for various utility issues. These meetings either resolve the matter or serve to determine how a matter/filing is to be assigned (full hearings, administrative law judge, additional review by PSC Commission staff, or closure).