Searching Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

The Code of Maryland Regulations, often referred to as COMAR, is the official compilation of all administrative regulations issued by agencies of the state of Maryland and authorized by the General Assembly.

People often confuse the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) with the Annotated Code of Maryland. COMAR regulations are Maryland State agency regulations, which are referenced by Title numbers (currently 1-36).

Annotated Code of Maryland is a compilation of the statutes enacted by the Maryland Legislature, generally organized by subject (e.g., Public Utility Articles). There are currently 36 subjects and 101 Articles in the Annotated code. Citation numbers for the Annotated Code begin with a § (“section sign”), for example §1-101.

COMAR is currently updated in print every two years, but the online version, maintained by the Maryland Division of State Documents, is updated as soon as an agency publishes or updates a regulation. The printed version is considered the official version.

To Search COMAR online, go to the MD Division of State Documents website.

Search Options for COMAR Online

Search Option 1.

Search on a word or phrase, or enter the codification number (search is word-specific unless you add an asterisk *)

If you have the exact number, subtitle, and chapter, type it in. Example: 20.25.01 would take you to Title 20 (Public Service Commission), Subtitle 25 (Electric and Gas Submeters in Apartment Houses, Office Buildings, and Shopping Centers), and Chapter 01 (General Information). If you typed in the word “submeters” – the Search feature would take you to the same Subtitle. If you only knew the topic word, it could take longer, but could narrow to the Agency Titles where the topic appears. For example: Type in “Consumer Protection” – and you will see eleven (11) different Titles covering this topic. Only one of these is specific to Title 20 violations for investigation by the Public Service Commission.

Search Option 2.

Search a specific Title (will search only that title for word or codification number)

This Search feature provides a chart of the 36 COMAR Titles, and allows a focused search of a specific Title. As an example, click only Title 20, then in the search box, type “submeters.” The search would take you directly to Title 20, Subtitle 25.

Search Option 3.

Access through Table of Contents Structure (will display table of contents by Title, Subtitle & Chapter)

Provides a drop-down list of COMAR Titles, by number and Agency. It you scrolled down to Title 20 (Public Service Commission), and click on the Title, you are presented with a list of Subtitles. In our example, you can read each and then select Subtitle 25. The search provides a list of Subtitle Chapters. This brings you back to the 20.25.01 General Regulations we found in Search Option 1.

If you are unable to find the exact regulation, contact the Division of State Documents at:

Division of State Documents
Phone: 410-260-3872; or 800-633-9657, extension 3872
Email: (for questions regarding COMAR online only)